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Vuurtoren Zuidertoren Schiermonnikoog Vuurtoren Zuidertoren Schiermonnikoog

The white Zuidertoren was built in 1854, at the same time the current red lighthouse was built. Because the towers in that time did not have light characters, often two towers with fire in them were placed, so that sailors knew where they were. Two fire towers could form a line, so that ships could bed led pas dangerous shallow waters.

In 1910 the outer tower, the current red lighthouse, got a revolving light. And from then on, one could recognize the coast with one light and the light of the other tower became obsolete. The tower remained, and in 1950 it got the function of water tower. The white tower had this function until 1992. Nowadays the white Zuidertoren operates as an antenna tower.

The lighthouse is not open to the public and it can’t be climbed.

Name: Zuidertoren
Built: 1854
Tower height: 31,5 m
Manned: No
Open to the public: No

Suivant Vuurtoren Zuidertoren Schiermonnikoog près des Lieux d'intérêt: Openluchtzwembad NLG de Dúnatter (±400 m), Informatiecentrum het Baken (±500 m), Vuurtoren Noordertoren Schiermonnikoog (±1,0 km), Jachthaven Schiermonnikoog (±1,5 km) & Wasserman Bunker (±1,6 km).

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Torenstreek 22, Schiermonnikoog