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The Gribus Cabinet of Curiosities, located in It Aude Kolonyhus (The Old Colony House), invites you to step into a world filled with mysterious finds and unique objects from around the world.

What can you expect at the Gribus Cabinet of Curiosities?

Discover the Wonderful World

Experience a unique and surprising adventure at the Gribus Cabinet of Curiosities, where each curiosity tells its own story.

Furthermore Cabinets of wonder Gribus is near the following sights: Lighthouse Zuidertoren Schiermonnikoog (±550 m), Lighthouse Noordertoren Schiermonnikoog (±600 m), Outdoor Pool De DĂșnatter (±700 m), Speelbos Hazenweitje & Speelnatuur van Oerrr (±750 m) & Shell Museum Paal 14 (±850 m).

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Badweg 67a, Schiermonnikoog
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