Marina Schiermonnikoog

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The unique Wadden Harbour of Schiermonnikoog, located at the old Ferry Dock on the south-west side of the island. This picturesque harbour offers a serene escape and is the perfect base for exploring the beautiful island of Schiermonnikoog.

What can you expect at the Wadden Harbour of Schiermonnikoog?

A Unique Experience at the Wadden Harbour of Schiermonnikoog

The Wadden Harbour of Schiermonnikoog is not just a beautiful place to dock but also provides the perfect opportunity to discover the island and its natural beauty.

Furthermore Marina Schiermonnikoog is near the following sights: Information centre Het Baken (±1,0 km), Bird watching hut Westerplas (±1,1 km), Whale Jaw (±1,1 km), Monk Statue (±1,1 km) & Witte Winde (±1,2 km).

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