Shell Museum Paal 14

Shell Museum Paal 14 - 1

A glimpse into the fascinating world of shells and marine creatures. This charming museum is a treasure trove filled with beautiful shells from around the world.

What can you expect at Shell Museum Paal 14?

A Fascinating Journey through the World of Shells

Whether you're an avid shell collector or simply curious about the natural beauty of the sea, Shell Museum Paal 14 offers an enriching experience.

Furthermore Shell Museum Paal 14 is near the following sights: Lighthouse Zuidertoren Schiermonnikoog (±500 m), Whale Jaw (±600 m), Koningshuis (±600 m), Monk Statue (±600 m) & Information centre Het Baken (±650 m).

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Martjeland 14, Schiermonnikoog
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