Wasserman Bunker - Monument

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Discover a piece of hidden World War II history with a visit to the Wasserman Bunker, strategically located on Schiermonnikoog. This historic fortress is not just a reminder of a tumultuous period, but also provides a unique opportunity to view the island from a different perspective.

What can you expect at the Wasserman Bunker?

An Unforgettable View and Historical Discovery at the Wasserman Bunker

A trip to the Wasserman Bunker on Schiermonnikoog promises a unique blend of natural beauty and historical depth.

Practical Information

Don't miss the chance to visit the Wasserman Bunker during your stay on Schiermonnikoog. It offers not only a deep dive into history but also the most beautiful view over the island.

Stand atop the highest point of Schiermonnikoog and experience history and beauty from the Wasserman Bunker!

Furthermore Wasserman Bunker is near the following sights: Cemetery Vredenhof (±300 m), Speelbos Hazenweitje & Speelnatuur van Oerrr (±1,1 km), Bunkermuseum Schlei (±1,1 km), Outdoor Pool De DĂșnatter (±1,2 km) & Witte Winde (±1,3 km).

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Prins Bernhardweg, Schiermonnikoog