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Cemetery Vredenhof - 1

A place of remembrance and reflection where the history of the two world wars and the sea are closely intertwined.

What can you expect at Vredenhof Cemetery?

Experience the Silence and Respect

Vredenhof on Schiermonnikoog is not just a cemetery but also an important historical site that invites visitors to contemplate the tragic events of the world wars.

Furthermore Cemetery Vredenhof is near the following sights: Wasserman Bunker (±300 m), Bunkermuseum Schlei (±1,2 km), Duck decoy De Kooiplaats (±1,2 km), Speelbos Hazenweitje & Speelnatuur van Oerrr (±1,3 km) & Outdoor Pool De DĂșnatter (±1,4 km).

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Reddingsweg, Schiermonnikoog