Bunkermuseum Schlei

Bunkermuseum Schlei - 1

The Bunkermuseum Schlei on Schiermonnikoog offers a unique glimpse into World War II through the eyes of a small but strategically important island. The museum, located in an authentic German bunker of the Seeburg type, tells the story of the occupation and its impact on the island and its residents.

What can you expect at Bunkermuseum Schlei?

Experience the hidden history of Schiermonnikoog

Visit Bunkermuseum Schlei for a unique and educational experience that brings the history of World War II to life in an impressive way.

Furthermore Bunkermuseum Schlei is near the following sights: Wasserman Bunker (±1,1 km), Cemetery Vredenhof (±1,2 km), Speelbos Hazenweitje & Speelnatuur van Oerrr (±1,9 km), Duck decoy De Kooiplaats (±2,0 km) & Outdoor Pool De DĂșnatter (±2,1 km).

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Einde Prins Bernhardweg (linkerkant), Schiermonnikoog
tel. +31 519 531 701 
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