Lighthouse Noordertoren Schiermonnikoog

Lighthouse Noordertoren SchiermonnikoogLighthouse Noordertoren Schiermonnikoog

The lighthouse at the Dutch island Schiermonnikoog has no official name, but is referred to as Noordertoren. The other tower is the second former lighthouse of Ameland, de Zuidertoren. Weather reports from the coastal ...

Vuurtorenpad 28, Schiermonnikoog
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In the Visitors Center of Schiermonnikoog, one can learn all kinds of things concerning nature in and around the island of Schiermonnikoog. There is a permanent exposition, ...

Torenstraat 20, Schiermonnikoog
tel. +31 519 531 641
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Wasserman Bunker

Wasserman BunkerWasserman Bunker

De Wassermann is een voormalige bunker uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog. De bunker is gelegen oostelijk van de Prins Bernhardweg, is ingericht als uitkijkpost en is toegankelijk. Het is het hoogte punt van Schiermonnikoog (NAP +20 m) en ...

Prins Bernhardweg, Schiermonnikoog
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Marina Schiermonnikoog

The Schiermonnikoog marina is a tidal marina, located on the south west side of the island on the old Veerdam. The entrance of the harbor is accessible from 2 hours before high tide until 2 hours after. At low tide you can't reach the ...

Reeweg 27, Schiermonnikoog
tel. 051 953 154 4
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Lighthouse Zuidertoren Schiermonnikoog

Lighthouse Zuidertoren SchiermonnikoogLighthouse Zuidertoren Schiermonnikoog

The Zuidertoren was built on the Dutch Wadden island Schiermonnikoog in 1854, at the same time the current lighthouse was built. Because the towers in that time did not have light characters, often two towers with fire in them were ...

Torenstreek 22, Schiermonnikoog
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All five Dutch Frisian Islands are wonderful to visit. On Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and ...

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What is a nicer way to enjoy the nature in the Wadden-region than by mudhiking? Strolling through the mud on a way to an island... It's dangerous to go on a mudhiking tour without a guide. There are 6 organizations that have mudhiking tours. They offer all kinds of tours on/over the Wadden Sea. ...

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Martjeland 14, Schiermonnikoog
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Rijwielverhuur Soepboer

Paaslandweg 1, Schiermonnikoog
tel. +31 519 531 636
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Rijwielverhuur Schierfiets

Noorderstreek 32, Schiermonnikoog
tel. +31 519 531 700
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Rijwielverhuur Veerdam

Veerweg 6, Schiermonnikoog
tel. +31 519 531 636
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Ruitervereniging Schiermonnikoog

Melle Grietjespad 5, Schiermonnikoog
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Swimming Pool de DĂșnatter

Duinpad 10, Schiermonnikoog
tel. 051 953 131 6
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Water Events Lauwersoog

Veerdam, Schiermonnikoog
tel. +31 519 349 133
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Kitesurfschool Antix

Badweg 62 (paal 3), Schiermonnikoog
mob. +31 657 333 735
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